Facilities / Spa & Wellness

Spectacular 700 m² Spa

Free admission.
A Crystal Spa with the best views of Ibiza and Formentera.
Sauna, Hammam, Oxygen pure Suite in white Opal.
60 m² swimming pool with counterflow, massage and pleasure circuits.

Outdoor terrace for relaxing and enjoy the sun watching the sea.
Showers Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Rain, Massage ..... all with the most relaxing Ibiza’s music.
To complete this delight of the senses, go with our specialists and enjoy the treatments and rituals.

Exclusive in ibiza. Esthetic medicine last generation.

Dr. Lourdes Aloy Servós from Vila-Rovira Institute at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. University of Barcelona.

The prestigious Dr. Lourdes Aloy has developed some next generation treatments for Ibiza. The purpose is to have a smooth and radiant skin, re-regenerate cells, and eliminate wrinkles, scars, spots.... all without side effects, trademarks or allergies.

With an hour of your time, you will be rejuvenated and back to work, beach, boat, party... Forever Young. Treatment with PRP.  Magic Cocktail. Immediate biostimulation. Hyaluronic acid. P53 – Peeling. Botox. Axillary hyperhidrosis. Hydration of lips. Lip filling. Carboxytherapy.

All these treatments are right for both sexes.

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